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With the various types of wood and composite materials that are being used it is important to select a deck contractor that understands them.  Our team has the knowledge and understanding of the materials to help you select what’s right for your needs. 

How The Process Works

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Free Consultation

The first step is to contact us and schedule our Free on-site consultation.  We will meet with you and go over all your needs and then determine the best deck materials and layout that fit your budget.   

Free Estimate

After the Consultation our Sales Team will start working on putting together the Estimate.  If you haven’t decided on the exact materials yet due to pricing concerns, we can provide you with options on the Estimate that allow you to select what fits best within your budget.    

New red cedar outdoor wooden deck during nice weather in horizontal layout  .jpg
New composite deck on the back of a house with green vinyl siding.with whie railings..jpg


Once the Estimate has been approved our team puts together the permit package and sends it to the local jurisdiction having authority for approval.  We apply and pay for all permits.


Once the Permit has been approved our Team of Craftsmen will build the deck.  Once the deck has been built the Owner of B. Dean Outdoors will walk the deck with you and do a Punch List on the deck to confirm that all requirements where met and that you are satisfied with the work.    

close up of new wooden decking just built in a garden against a lawn and shed.  The garden

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